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The little ones of Aleppo

They say that God has forsaken you. But Jesus is among you, in you, He is you.

The little ones of Aleppo

By: Josh Valley

They say that God has forsaken you. But Jesus is among you, in you, He is you

Yahweh, who we see most clearly in Jesus, the suffering One, come to rescue the little ones

Suffering, He is the Man upon the Tree, dying in solidarity with you and me

The monsters who drop the barrels full of cowardly arrows, aimed for sure at the Man of sorrows

He welcomes you with His scar-scattered arms and a head full of barbs

“My heart aches to rescue you from those tyrants at large”

“I am the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, outpouring my love for the children of this war”

The God of justice and love is found in the Christ, not in this world of the Empire’s device

Bombs may drop and little ones may fail, but the Lamb who was slain will always prevail

They are His and He is theirs , not one goes uncounted like the sparrows of the air

Spiritual forces of the heavenly realms, be on notice by Heaven’s hound

You will not triumph in the Savior’s world, for He is the King of the universe’s pearl

The God-man hears the cries of His heavenly children, ‘do remember me’ they sing as our hearts lay barren

He comes with light shining in hopeful amaze, as the resurrection looms in these last days

The God of the Cross has triumphed over death, and He will return bringing all the little ones breath

War may linger and the world may wonder, where is this God who promises a world of another?

He is here and present in the Spirit of life, who conquers the grave and hunger and strife

“My children of Syria, how my heart aches for your loss, welcome to the Kingdom where I am the boss”

Not war, not tyrants, nor warlords abound, only life and renewal in Christ you are found

“I suffer for you in this time of great pain, I am here, in the darkness, you can trust in my name”

This is a time where only the ‘suffering God can help,’ for no leader speaks justice, not even a yelp

Justice will come, and come with great due, when Christ emerges to ‘make all things new’

So remember little ones of Aleppo you are not alone

For He has prepared a place that is called your home

No one can realize your pain and you tears, but the God from above

Come down to save you in humility and love

He scorns the tyrants that destroy with hate, and loves you with an unfailing fate

You will live forever and beyond all time, while the destroyers of God’s little ones will fade in the eternal tide

For you are the aim of God’s unfailing love, never forgotten by eternity’s Dove

The world stays silent as you pass away, but the bombs cannot conquer Heaven’s ways

The God of the Cross is with you forever, help is on the way so rest and remember

God is love and the Lamb was slain, Jesus is with you—trust in His name

Josh is an award-winning faith and culture writer. He holds a master's degree in theology from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto and is the recipient of the Dr. Ross and Carol Bailey Theology Award. He lives in Murillo, Ontario with his wife and their two adorable daughters and has a column at ChristianWeek.org.

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