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Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the “Twisted Cross of Nazism”

In Bonhoeffer’s context, Hitler and the Nazis harnessed populist energy from Germany’s post-WWI humiliation to spread propaganda aimed to essentially “make Germany great again” in the image of national socialism and its charismatic demi-god. Hitler cast himself as the pinnacle strongman—chosen by “God” nonetheless—to purge the nation of its weaknesses and impurities, promising to restore […]

A Documentary Review by Brad Jersak

“Come home. You’re better than this.” —Daniel Dietrich, Hymn for the 81% You had me at Brian Zahnd. When the first seven days of 2021 had already trumped (sic) the insanity of 2020, and Christian nationalism had erupted in all manner of ‘prophetic’ blasphemies, I was neither surprised nor confused. That’s a lie. But I […]

Trusting in Jesus When Life Hurts

When life hurts, and I mean, really hurts, our faith in Jesus sometimes hurts too. It’s hard to have faith when life hurts. Harder, I think, then when life is going our way. When we are realizing our dreams, when relationships are thriving, when finances are flowing, and the stars are aligning, having faith in God […]

Believing in the God of Eternal Conscious Love

The debate over hell has been renewed over the past decade in the Evangelical world due at least partially to celebrity pastor Rob Bell’s book Love Wins, in which he makes a case for postmortem salvation—that people can choose Christ even after they die. Bell makes a case for universalism, the belief that all people, regardless of […]