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Top 5 Good Friday quotes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer


“God lets himself be pushed out of the world on to the cross. He is weak and powerless in the world, and that is precisely the way, the only way, in which he is with us and helps us….Christ helps us, not by omnipotence, but by virtue of his weakness and suffering”(Letters and Papers from Prison, 361).


“In the humiliation, Christ of his own free will, enters the world of sin and death. He enters it in such a way as to hide himself in it in weakness and not to be recognized as God-Man. He does not enter in kingly robes of a morphe theou (Greek, ‘form of God)….He goes incognito, as a beggar among beggars, as an outcast among outcasts, as despairing among the despairing, as dying among the dying” (Christ the Center, 107).


“The meaning of history is tied up with an event which takes place in the depth and hiddenness of a man who ended on the cross. The meaning of history is found in the humiliated Christ” (Christ the Center, 62).


“Only because God became a destitute, miserable, unknown failure of a man and because God will now let Himself be found only in this destitution – in the cross – for this reason alone we can never be separate from the world, and for this reason we love our brothers” (DBW 15, 113).


“If Jesus Christ is to be described as God, we may not speak of this divine being, nor of his omnipotence, nor his omniscience; but we must speak of this weak man among sinners, of his manger and his cross. If we are to deal with the deity of Jesus, we must speak of his weakness” (Christ the Center, 104).

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