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The Bible’s new creation message for us on Easter

The Bible is a book about good news. It is a book about good news for humans living in a reality where there is often bad news. It tells us that God in Christ has conquered evil, sin, pain and death through the resurrection of His Son. It shouts to us: “Have hope! He is risen.”

The resurrection of Christ foreshadows for us who believe the new creation that has come and will come in cosmic proportions. The resurrection of Jesus promises a future reality where the love of God will be made universal under the Lordship of Jesus. In Surprised by Hope, N.T. Wright urges to read the Bible with a hope-filled resurrection lens: “The Bible as a whole…does what it does best when read from the perspective of new creation.”

This new creation the Bible points us towards—the promise of resurrection and universal renewal—propels God’s work of resurrection power here and now. God designed the Bible to bring new life into a fallen world of death and destruction. He designed the Bible “not only to tell us about that work of new creation, as though from a detached perspective, not only to provide us with true information about God’s fresh, resurrection life, but also to foster that work of new creation,” says Wright. “The Bible is thus the story of creation and new creation, and it is itself, through the continuing work of the Spirit who inspired it, an instrument of new creation in human lives and communities.”

The Bible is a story and an instrument of hope that points to the work of God in the resurrected Christ. It brings humanity into a story that promises healing, rest, and renewal unlike any story ever told. In the life of His resurrected Son, God offers concrete hope to despairing humanity and a polluted earth.

Through the power of the Spirit, God uses the Bible as an instrument to create a Church of new people renewed in Christ to spread this message of hope and new creation. It inspires missionary unrest in the hearts of God’s Church and brings God’s resurrection hope into the world that He deeply loves. He promises to finish His work of renewal and won’t stop until the new creation is finally and fully realized.

Indeed, “No corner of this world,” says Jürgen Moltmann, “should remain without God’s promise of new creation through the resurrection.”

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