3 Heresies The Shack Movie Confronts in the Church Today

In Brad Jersak’s previous guest post, he talked about how The Shack movie unveils toxic representations of God. In the article he asked tough questions directed at The Shack’s critics; questions that asked whether the current ‘heresy’ accusations being levelled at The Shack and its author, W.m. Paul Young, are not in fact themselves borne […]

How The Shack Movie Unveils Toxic Representations of God

The following is a guest post from Orthodox theologian and author Brad Jersak (PhD). Paul Young’s bestseller finally hits the big screen on March 3. That’s news—great news—as I’ll explain shortly. What’s not news is how the so-called ‘discernment ministries’ (a euphemism for heresy-hunters) have begun yelping. They’re recycling ‘ye olde’ objections but, typically, barking […]

What is the Theology of the Cross? – A 500 Word Primer

The theology of the cross (ToC) is apocalyptic theology and resistance theology. It is apocalyptic theology (apocalypsis is Greek for “reveal” and “unveil”) in that it reveals God’s core nature as cruciform love—through the weakness of God on the cross—to human beings and unmasks the gods of civil religion to expose their beastly monstrosity. ToC […]

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