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A prayer for protection and healing in seasons of darkness: “My Father, I need You”

A Prayer for Protection and Healing In Seasons of darkness
“My Father, I need You”

By Josh Valley

[A prayer from exile].

Father, you are holy and your love never fails me

Oh God of mercy, merciful God!

Hold me, forgive me, protect me—cast out the shame deep within for I am your child

I am hurting and I need your help

I am wounded and I need your tender-hearted touch

Save me Father from the darkness within and the darkness without

Teach me to come to you daily, hourly and in the seconds of each day when it really counts

Let my heart rest in your love and tender-hearted affection for me

Save me from the anger which rises out of my heart against you when I feel hurt or abandoned by you

Save me from the self-hatred and judgement I cast on myself when I fail or don’t have the solutions to life’s troubles at my fingertips

Help me forgive others for the ways they have deeply failed me knowingly or unknowingly, for you are the all-forgiving God

Help me not have contempt for the prideful, ignorant and arrogant, nor condemnation for the worst of sinners and those who do evil

Let me not fall into cynicism towards a church community that struggles with individualism, shallowness, and inauthentic ways

Remind me that what is most true about myself is not reflected in thinking that I possess the most “correct theology” nor in being immersed in the most “righteous causes,” but solely in knowing who I am in your loving arms and desiring more of your presence every day.

Lead me towards one person who is truly trustworthy; a person I feel safe to entrust my life with and to confess my sins to

I need you Father, you are my resting place—my home, my comfort, my protection and true Father

I sing to you: ‘Thou my great Father and I thy true son’

Please cleanse me and heal me from sin, hurt, anger and despair

Allow me to have victory in the areas of my life where I am failing and where it hurts the most

Protect me and shield me from the lies within and the lies without

Teach me to follow Jesus and to trust you for all things even when life hurts and is really confusing

I want to be well mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, sexually, and in every way!

For you are the giver of the abundant life through your Son Jesus Christ

Please bring me wholeness and healing for life’s struggles which come far too often in this season

I want to do good, but sometimes I can’t

I want to flee temptation, but sometimes it overpowers me

Help me Father, please send more of your Holy Spirit to come and lead me away from temptation and into your loving arms

Cleanse me Holy Spirit and reside in me powerfully and abidingly at every corner where assaults amass against me

Father, teach me to be more like Jesus in his battle against temptation, who is the victor, the saviour, the redeemer and great healer of human beings

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


  1. Shanni Valley

    Thank you for the prayer – very raw and real

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